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Alaska Conceal Carry & Firearms Safety Classes

 Teaching the proper techniques and care for handling firearms. And qualifying for your Alaska Conceal Carry Permit !

Alaska Conceal Carry & Firearms Safety Classes

Utah Non resident permit available at additional cost


Dedicated Instructors

Our Instructors and Range Safety crew are certified and trained by the NRA.  And by The State of Alaska .

Recognized as one of Alaska's Premiere Firearms Training  Academy’s.

AKCONCEAL Has trained over 3000 individuals since 2010.

Our Classes

AKCONCEAL is certified by the National Rifle Association   (NRA) as a certified Instructor for firearms training in Alaska, Colorado, Utah. Arizona and Florida. Experienced shooters and “Newbies“ are encoutraged to train with us.

$200 per student.

UTAH add on after your Alaska permit.. $75.00

Utah Non resident gets Alaskan’s Washington State covrage as well

Our Motto

Rick with Massad Ayoob

Our Instructors  and Range Crews are passionate about training, safety and proper care of firearms! 

Classes Offered

Conceal Carry Certification

Our classes exceeds the required training to apply  for your Alaska Concealed Carry Permit. Valid in  37 States, and with our training, you’ll also be NICS Exempt ( No Background checks when purchasing a firearm). And we hire the BEST criminal defense Attorney in Alaska to gives most up to date legal info you need. Where can I and can’t I carry.. and how much will it cost to get me out of Jail if  you screw up & do something stupid!! 

 Ladies ONLY Classes available too 

A great opportunity to train without  Testerone!!! :-)

Home Defense

It’s the middle of the night, you hear a noise.. What do you do?  Our training gives you  the knowledge to know just what to do  in a circumstance . And helps you decide what your options for gaining control of the situation is.

We’ll train you in the situations you may come into in an emergency situation.

Refresher Course

Whether you’re an experienced  shooter or a new gun owner.. you need to train with Alaska Conceal Carry & Firearms Safety Training Classes.. SOON!  Don’t be complacent or a NEWBIE!!  Be safe!!

Private Instruction available .. contact us for rates.

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Upcoming events

Our Comittment

We’re 100% concerned about your safety and training

Upcoming classes

      February  15 &16,2019

Location To be announced.. 

 “Sweethearts” Class..

   Buy 1, get 1 at  1/2  off!

Coming soon.. Bullets and Burger Weekend!


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Alaska Conceal Carry & Firearms Safety Class

 Mid- November.. Contact us  for details.  

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Upcoming classes

     February 15&16,2019  “Sweethearts”  Class

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Alaska Conceal Carry & Safety Classes

Eagle River, Eagle River, Alaska 99577, United States

(907) 202-1623


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